Saturday, 4 February 2012


So, I haven't been coming on THAT much recently... reasons? I've just been doing a lot of stuff! ^^

I've been doing LOADS of homework, and then still trying to do as much art was I always have... it didn't really work... -.-

Also, I've been trying to start on making a YouTube account and planning some funny videos to go on it with my friend, soooooo...

As well as this, I've been trying to sort out my messed up friends... -.- They are all kinda on eachothers' backs right now, so I'm trying to be nice to them all, without taking sides... Though of course we do have our good moments! :3

Here are the feet of me and my friends! ^^ My feet are the ones in the top right, if you want to know! LOL!

Anyways, to anyone who reads this, I will be trying to come online more, but if I don't then I am truly sorry... but at least you can brag that you knew me before I was famous if I succeed with the whole YouTube idea! I HAVE just finished writing my first song! :3