Wednesday, 28 December 2011

That's Just How The Cookie Crumbles...

I am deleting blogs.

Yes, they will be gone for good.

Others, I will try to get back to.

I will also be putting my "Corpses" blog up on dA instead... as in, the single post I had on there, will be changed into literature on deviantART. So, if you don't mind being in it (yes, credit for your OC will be mentioned), then please comment, or I will simply ask you on the chat.

I shall be continuing my "Shadows" fanfic... I need to finish that... *sighs* I want to be able to leave it, and feel like I don't have a duty to keep going... I think I know how to finish the story... anyways...

The reason for all of this?... Long story... lots of frustration with the mess of stuff around me... and a lot of pain... all of it made me decide to clean up everything... one agonising piece at a time... if you want details, ask me personally on the chat (in a PC...) or even better, so i don't have to go over the horror again... Niall... he's like my... therapist?... I give him permission to tell you as much as I have told him. Or, you could give me privacy... whichever way... it won't make a difference... If he doesn't want to have to answer so many questions, then alright, I'll do it... whatever...

If anyone reads this, I'll be surprised... but I hope that someone does...

Saturday, 26 November 2011


*grins evilly*

Now that I am an owner of yet ANOTHER blog, I shall be wreaking havoc across blogland! MWOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-*fart*

*copyright piano*


Anyways, I shall be saying much more totally random stuff thanks to Chan over here! >:D

First, I would just like to say that soon I shall be putting up some links to my watt-pad stories hehehe... not right now, as I've only got one single chapter on one of my three stories, that is actually public... :/ but SOON! SO PREPARE YOURSELVES!!! MWOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!... *waits* ... oh... well-*fart*


*copyright piano*

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Thanks Chan for making me a co-author, *respects* and for those of you who don't know me, I am a very good friend of Chan's and a friend of his cousin Arrius Triskelion, ok, introductions done, I can't wait to meet all you amazing people that Chan has told me about.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Sit and rit
A little bit

Southern gal
Says, "Yes, I shall."

Little poet
Sat and wro-et

Eatin' brakfist
Eatin' brakfist

Beckon and aigs
Orange juice dregs

Ain't it loverly
And a bit motherly?

Yup, it is
Loverly fizz


Ok, monster Caps lock typing pahse over, we need to cram this blog full of stuff, make it a huge library of weirdness that hundreds (tens) will come from far and wide (down the road) to see, it will be full of awesomeness (no brackets needed) (whoops) and weirdness and toffee (ok maybe not tofee) ((randomer: maybe just a little?)) (maybe, no wait! who are YOU?! Get out of my house!) will be so cool and so mightily literatureurenessamabobbalathingamajigy, (pyro will be annoyed by now) (by all the random weirness that is here, I am becoming something like him) (DUH-DUH-DUUUUUUH!) but I digress, this place will be brilliant and awesome and full of amazing people and writing so yeah, what I'm saying is......: GET WRITING YOU LOT!


Hi anyone who may read this! As you know, I am me, it would be very weird if I wasn't me, but anyway, who is me? you ask, I thought that was obvious me is I, but I digress, I am Chan, (AKA me), and I have created this blog so that many collections of awesome randomosity may be brought together, whether it be poetry, fanfiction, songs, short stories, or random crazy monologues, it doesn't matter, you will find them here, so, to those of you who are authors, post away! and you people who can read, (thats a lot of people) please read!