Saturday, 12 November 2011


Ok, monster Caps lock typing pahse over, we need to cram this blog full of stuff, make it a huge library of weirdness that hundreds (tens) will come from far and wide (down the road) to see, it will be full of awesomeness (no brackets needed) (whoops) and weirdness and toffee (ok maybe not tofee) ((randomer: maybe just a little?)) (maybe, no wait! who are YOU?! Get out of my house!) will be so cool and so mightily literatureurenessamabobbalathingamajigy, (pyro will be annoyed by now) (by all the random weirness that is here, I am becoming something like him) (DUH-DUH-DUUUUUUH!) but I digress, this place will be brilliant and awesome and full of amazing people and writing so yeah, what I'm saying is......: GET WRITING YOU LOT!


  1. LOL Chan! RAWR *tackles him in a hug and noogie* Don't worry my friend! The writing will come. Ev also has an excellent blog in which others can contribute writings. There is also TEGI owned by Octa. :D Several others as well.
    I think there will be times when nothing comes in and then times when tos of writing comes in. Just don't get dicouraged when it seems slow here.
    I want to write. I have tons of ideas. But the problem for me is getting it from me brain onto the paper. I feel like there is a short curcuit in me brain.

    *hugs again*

  2. Thanks kal, *fixes Kal's broken circuit*